Editorial Policy

The initial appraisal of each manuscript is made by the Editors. In case the topic, treatment and geographical focus fit to journal’s aims and objectives, the anonymised manuscript is assigned to peer-reviewers.

Once the reviewers have decided, i.e. acceptance, revision, or rejection of your manuscript, the Editor-in-Chief makes the final decision.

We apply a double-blind peer review, meaning that the author's name and affiliation are not made public to the referee. The referee's name and affiliation are also not revealed to the author.

Review requests are sent to peers that are qualified to assess the works in terms of the relevance of their thematic, theoretical, methodological, and/or geographic expertise. In cases of desk-rejections, the argumentation will be motivated, but cannot unfortunately be extended and detailed. A rejection based on the outcome of a review process will be backed up by the actual reviews, and a motivation by the editor.

A decision on the manuscript generally may be expected within 7 weeks of submission, although delays in obtaining reviews may prolong this process. Manuscripts are sent out for review electronically, and all correspondence takes place via e-mail. If reviewers recommend revision of the manuscript, authors are requested to resubmit their revisions within eight weeks after receiving the notification. They are asked to then also submit a letter (as attachment to the notify editor e-mail) with a detailed description of how they have responded to the separate issues raised by the reviewers.

Occasionally, Medicus invites guest-editors who wish to organize a special feature. In such cases, the guest-editors are responsible for setting up and carrying out the review process. After completion of the review process, they will issue an editorial advice. Also in this case, the Editor-in-Chief is responsible for the final decision.

Book reviews are not submitted to peer review. In this case, the book review editor is responsible for the decision to publish a review.