Goals and Objectives

Medicus ISSN 2663-7758 is a revised international journal, published twice a year by the European University of Tirana, Albania.

Medicus is committed to promoting the latest scientific approaches, innovations in the fields of medical sciences, aiming at the highest academic standards.

Medicus publishes authentic researches in the field of medical sciences, which are of interest to doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, imaging technicians, pharmacists, dentists, and all other professionals who contribute to the contemporary medicine studies.

The editorial board of Medicus is composed of prominent professionals, with experience and contributions in relevant fields, in the service of quality assurance and the highest academic standards.

Each publication of the Medicus journal contains useful and important scientific articles which have an instant impact to professionals, authentic scientific studies which have direct clinical relevance, as well as scientific papers on health care, medical education, and public policy issues.

Medicus also publishes studies conducted by research groups on various disciplines of medicine, including clinical studies and cohort studies.

Medicus is a multidisciplinary journal and as such includes a wide range of fields of study in medical sciences such as internal medicine, medicine of specialties, public health, nursing, physiotherapy, imaging, pharmaceuticals, oral health etc.

Medicus encourages young researchers and doctoral candidates to send their articles for publication.